Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the life you crave

you tell yourself
you're always the one
who needs to be rescued
you've lived a hard life
battling your demons
but not compared
to others.
Father forgive me
for I have sinned
but I need to borrow
money again
sprinkled with Hope and Faith.
you tell yourself
someday I'll make a list
and cook dinner every night
and throw things away
that I don't need,
to pay bills on time
and make your mother proud
and treasure people
like myself
and yourself
will you find me
amidst the stuff and things and ramblings
empty bottles and plastic
containers and clothes
that lay on floors beneath
heartaches and hangovers
remind me
that only I can
rescue myself
fallen from the angels
and drowning in the bird bath
of life.
you tell yourself
you've wanted
needed this
since you were a child
arranging dusty knick-knacks,
a wooden poodle with ruby eyes
and books on shelves
teen-age romance novels
and thing-a-ma-jigs
arranged perfectly
just like the life
you craved
and some things
never change.


JenBun said...

Woman, you've done it again.

I was going to pick out lines that I particularly like, but there are so many that are so perfect and... yeah.

Holy cannoli.

I am printing this out. To remind myself that only I can rescue myself...

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Humans are frail beings, Love. We *all* want to be rescued--to be safe--but it begins with ourselves. But that is not to discount another's hands. Humans are frail beings, sure, but they also crave companionship.

And love, sweet love.

Beautiful imagery.



JenBun said...

Hey poet-- you won an award, over at my blog-home! :)

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