Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Planets aligned in our
as you securely held my hand
while we said,
"...on Earth as it is
in Heaven."
Your friendly smile felt familiar
as the synchronicity of the Universe
flowed through our veins.
We share the same demons
with angelic qualities
and idiosyncrasies.
You assure me
of my beauty
brushing the hair back from
my mascara black stained
my worthiness is apparent
your touch transforms
my cells
have never experienced
a love like yours
true, gentle and kind.
My cocoon is
slowly shedding
I've been inside hiding
with fear of the unknown
but I'm ready
to take flight
with you beside me
If we have to live
in your parents basement
I'll sweep the floor
and have dinner
on the table
no later than
7:33 PM
a Caesar salad with steak
for you
and plain for me
and we'll plant a
banana tree
in the backyard of
our LOVE.
We understand each other
as individuals
we become one
at the same time
we say the same thing
"...lead us not into
but deliver us
from evil."
I thank the heavens
that I've found my
soul mate
and he has
Me again.


Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

I love you, too, my dear. I am so lucky to have met you. You have brightened my life and made my smiles wider.... I'd not like to think of a life without you.

You are the lover for whom I have always hoped: someone to share with me Life, throughout all its varying twists and turns.

You my baby. :-)

(Let's *not* live in my parents' basement, though, agreed?)


Melissa said...

I feel a little like I'm trespassing, but what beautiful sentiments!


JenBun said...

The two of you...

make me smile,
give me hope,
show me how to wish for more...

... and bring beauty to this world, with the example of your love.

Me_Again said...

(Adam: I was jusy sayin, you know if we 'had' to, I would with you ;0)
Melissa: Thank you and trespass as those trespass with you (or something like that ;0)
Jen Bun: You are so very kind and I'm happy to share the LOVE =0)

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