Monday, June 16, 2008


Mikey and I went to the zoo and heard the Lion's roar (this is a tremendous sound!), saw a Basilisk (did you know they can walk on water!), saw the Hippo out of the water (very cool! they hardly ever come out of the water), saw kangaroo's mating ("you mean that sex thing", says my eight year old godson!).
He caught a strange caterpillar with a diamond shaped head and a pointy-thingy sticking out of its back. It fell off the leaf and he was sad that it was lost but I told him,
"It needed to stay at the zoo, so another person could find it and admire it."
We saw the camels and a mother scolding her child who was hysterically crying,
"You want a spanking?", the stressed-out mother huffed to her overly-tired toddler.
"That won't help", Mikey said as we walked past, in his wise-beyond-years-way.
When we came home, we went for a walk in the woods, along the path we saw daisies and he said to me, "We should stop and pick some daisies".
"Yes, we should". And we did.
I made my first daisy chain and proudly wore it home.
My daisy-chain-of-wonderfulness.
Now go and pick some daisies and make your own chain. And don't forget to,
"Smell them".
They are smell-less but I breathed them in and said,
"ahhh, thank you god of the daisies".


JenBun said...

I need woods... and grass... and daisies... STAT!

Thank you. :)

(Sometimes I forget.)

April said...

Daisies are the friendliest flower. I heard that in a movie. :)

I agree about hearing the lion roar. It's something indescribable. We were standing so close, we felt the earth beneath us moving. It was truly amazing.

jodi said...

I did a yoga class for zoo employees last winter and learned that the employees there are wonderful and extremely dedicated. The daisy pick rocks. Don't they look innocent and beautiful?

Me_Again said...

JenBun: You're welcome, anytime =0)
April: Wow, we didn't feel the earth move =-0
Jodi: Thanks for stopping by =0)

And yes, I am a shameful blogger, I don't check my blog for weeks at a time. But I do appreciate your comments!

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