Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Near-Death-Experience or Near-Life-Experience

We drive through the hustle and bustle of life. Daily. Though, there are day's (very few) that I decide not to drive. Someday, I will purchase an old-fashioned bike. Someday soon.
So, the point of writing this, is as follows...
This evening, while driving to school on a 40 MPH road, I assume, I wasn't going fast enough. The car behind me decides to go around. But wait, there are cars coming from the other direction.
Don't do it, don't do it.
Oh lord, he is passing me. I glance over and see his handsome, young man. Doesn't he see the cars coming straight for him, I want to close my eyes.
Barely, he makes it.
Now, he is in front of me. Was it really worth a near-head-on-collision?
No, we stop at the same light, he is beside me, I roll down my window (the back one, cause the front one doesn't work).
"You should be more careful, I'm sure someone loves you. Besides, you didn't get anywhere any quicker".
"Your right, you have a point", he says. "I'm sorry about that".
I hope he took my point to heart. When my daughter starts to drive, I hope someone would say the same to her !

When I got to school the parking lot was packed - but just in the knick of time, someone pulled out of a space giving me the perfect opportunity to park, opportunely close. I didn't have to walk a mile to class. Thank God for small miracles...

Tonight, we appreciated Paleolithic art. Cave art to Stonehenge. The thoughts were/still are churning . Tonight, I appreciate speech, art, beauty, wonder, mystery. Time. Myself.
Tomorrow, I appreciate YOU =0). I'm in no rush to get there, I'm enjoying the ride.
Are you experienced?

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The One and Only A said...

You're quite right. Stop and smell the roses. And that is great, you see, how people will risk a ticket (not to mention life and limb) to hurry up and get caught at the same light as the reasonable drivers.

"The turtle may have had a point," says the hare. :-P

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