Thursday, August 16, 2007

Help...!...I can't sleep...being attacked...

My oh my, what I'm I going to do come Monday!?! I've always been a night owl but it has gotten ridiculous. Am I becoming an insomniac? I just lay there tossing and turning. I do other things too.
What? If you were alone in your bed and couldn't sleep, you'd do it too - right?
Counting sheep, I was talking about counting sheep. Get yer head outta' ta gutter.
And the kitten, ughhh the kitten. He bites and claws and meows and nuzzles his head in my hair and suckles my earlobe. He bites my nose and licks my face. Last night, he was biting the band aid on my heel - ewww! I put him out of the room, shut the door (which is semi-broken) and he figured out how to crawl underneath it. Maybe, that has something to do with my new found glory of not falling asleep until dawn.
So, come Sunday night, all I ask is that you
(whoever you are?________of sleepy time),
help me fall asleep by midnight or threaten to turn me into a monkey's aunt.


Adela-Nia-Helene said...

Consider yourself a monkey's aunt :)!

Try calling upon Goddess Athena (She helps with sleep)

Things must likely in your kitchen would help too.

Rub basil between your hands and keep your hands near your face when you go to sleep. It can be steamed and breathed in as well, which will help. A lavender bath right before bed will too.

From one insomniac from another.... I hope you sleep!

Blessed be

The One and Only A said...

God, insomnia sucks. Often, when someone stops something that they have done for a long long time, the sleep pattern is wholly fucked up. I found that melatonin helps A LOT. I take it every night...then again, if I didn't drink so much friggin' coffee, I might have an easier time catching some snores. Give melatonin a shot. It could help. You can find it in the vitamin isles.

The One and Only A said...

(And that kitten's got to learn some manners, gosh damn it!)


Me_Again said...

Thank you, for the suggestions =0)

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