Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cover me in Clover

Resting on delight, I stole the flight
plan of a little bird
she just taught me a word.
It was your secret name
they all come low and play their game
singing melodies so sweet,
knocking me off my feet.
I fell back down against a field of clover
bushels of a sweet, green love
that heaven ordered just this day
before the field was sold away.
Clover is still in my blouse
I brought it's scent into the house
my bosoms crushed and scented by
the blossoms that stain my thighs.
Each purple flower lent it's dream
to passions deep and fresh,
as tranquil running streams.
The creamy white buds covered me
until my body couldn't be,
Your love has covered me
the skies and purple too,
and mown down, green leaves everywhere
beside my cheeks and in my hair.
The ladybugs were every where
the butterflies for sheets and covers
a humming field of bees,
honey running to our knees
you swam down
before my eyes,
a haze of gold
we all did just as we were told,
by the songbirds resting on a hill
underneath I drank my fill
of summer clove wine.
I'm just recovering, I knew I must.
I sit here dreaming
without a frown
so peaceful now, they've settled down
the birds and bees in ladies' town
the ladybugs and butterflies
are dead or gone.
I wipe my eyes
I must have killed lots,
underneath my thighs.

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Alx said...

hey, Meaghan -- thanks for your comments on my blog and adding it to your roll. nice to know you!

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