Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wish Me...

Wish me days of peace
long days of sunshine
nights in soft beds
wrapped in warm arms
wish me blue-eyed children
full of questions
full of tenderness
wish me fields to lay in
streams to drink from
rains to walk in
wish me days to cry in
nights to love in
years to grow in
wish me dreams of past
hope for the present
visions of the future
wish me all the sorrow
and the joy
of one woman, bound to earth
and I,
before you leave,
will wish you all of this
and sew the buttons
on your shirt


Adela-Nia-Helene said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I am gonna spend some time catching up with yours!

I would love for you to link Me and I will in return.

Lets chat sometime!

Adela Nia Helene

The One and Only A said...

Touching poem, Meeg. Very wistful.

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