Thursday, September 20, 2007

Banality of Normality (4 Bomb-Bomb =0)

Normality is stauncher

banality acting as a confrere

takes you by the hand

to the middle of nowhere.

Close your eyes

feel the phosphorescent light

step away from methodical

and love will give you

shelter from a harsh, unfeeling world

I am something

that you protect

rest against me

while I search the sky

for something

we call peace

and kiss the kites

who take hands

with the sun and rain


in their crystal halls

chasing clouds


from the banality of normality

you smile


one calm lover

waits with sugar candy

lilacs in hair

her prodigious world

becomes intrinsically



banality whispers

in second thoughts


neologism becomes secondhand

1 comment:

The One and Only A said...

Incredible visuals, as they always are in your poetry. It was fantastic the first time, but I'll have to read it again to glean even more meaning.


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