Monday, July 30, 2007

Me_Again in a nutshell

Hello fellow bloggers, who may gaze upon this blog 'o mine. I'll start by writing a bit about myself (not that I'm narcissistic but that is what blogs are for - right?!?). I'm 34 and proud to be an Aries (did you think I was going to say American?). Yes, I am an American, proud but not always in the same sentence. I'm a mother to a beautiful, 13 year old young lady. I have a cat named Cutie-Pie and my daughter brought home a kitten today - ughhh. I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about raising a teenager. OK, so yeah what else. I'm a writer by night *looks at the clock which reads 1:12 am. A preschool teacher by day, except for the summer when I am laid-off. Writing is a passion of mine. I get hung up on misspelling words, using improper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure mishaps. My grandmother was a Master of Linguistics and she always corrected my grammar. I tend to write like Kerouac (someone once told me I could have been his sister - to me that was an awesome compliment). I write as I think and sometimes my writing doesn't catch up with my thinking. Or vice versa. A favorite quote of mine is "I am a writer perhaps because I'm not a talker" - Gwendolyn Brooks. Well, I can tell I'll be learning to use the 'features' around here, as I just tried to space down and it didn't work - oh well. I'll just keep on writing. I just got out of a long, depressing relationship of 8 years and I've been single for 7 months. I've learned that the only person you can change is yourself and I am in the process of changing. I like to say, I'm in a metamorphosing stage. I've been sober for 5 days and plan on staying this way. I can be very random and it shows up in my writing. I'm nervous and shy when speaking in public and sometimes I cry. It's OK to cry, it releases the negative toxin's (I'm never totally sure of when to use an apostrophe, so I usually don't use them) . I like to make up words like dumbfoundedly or phantasmagorically. I like the words, thing-a-ma-jig and eclectic along with numerous other's. I've read the dictionary and will read it again and again. I don't mind it when someone I'm dating looks at another woman. Especially if she is beautiful, I'm not a lesbian but I've had a ménage à trois when I was in my 20's. To me, beauty goes deeper than the surface. I wouldn't be pissed if my man wanted to bring home another woman, so long as he was honest and I agreed with his choice. I'm very un-materialistic and have no fashion sense nor do I care to. My daughter, is totally opposite, she is constantly in the mirror, changing clothes. She loves shopping at places like Abercrombie and Hollister - ughh. She didn't get this trait from me. I'm fairly unconventional and comfortable with my sexuality. I love soft materials, good smells and sex toy's. I'm a wannabe vegetarian, I relasped after 3 years. I love gardening and my favorite flowers are the orchid, lilac, lavendar and rose. I believe in love and light and wisdom. I'm always observing and growing. I'm very non-political and sometimes I want to run away to a commune. I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated, even if that means treating assholes with respect. I believe in fairies and magic - have you ever seen a firefly? That's magic! And last but not least, I am a poet and I've always known it. I usually don't share my poetry because...well, maybe I am a bit narcissistic - aren't we all !?!


Anonymous said...

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The One and Only A said...

Wow! Quite an opening parry! ;-)

Welcome to the wonderfully addictive world o' bloggin' Meg.

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