Friday, November 16, 2012

selling out

I do not care if I am a sell out. I do not care if you are a sell out. Ads, yes ads, can make you money and I need some. I will not use specific names while writing this because I am the writer and I can do that. I have always been a tad narcissistic, I say tad because I'm not totally. I experience empathy and human emotions that are associated. I have always been weary to share my writings/thoughts with random people. They steal your words, I may be a tad on the paranoid side as well. I have experienced this a few times, the stealing or rather borrowing of something I have said, sung, rapped or written. I suppose it is some form of plagiarism but if you are drunk in Detroit and start reciting raps from when you were thirteen. Back to the point of this post. My friend's daughter made an annoying orange video which got over a million views on youtube and she makes/made money from it. I am jumping on this bandwagon even though my better half (the side with only my good qualities) says, NO!
So, now, I have to keep writing and promoting and hell, maybe eventually, have a kickstarter for a book... P.S. My sentence structures suck, I never know when to use a comma, I feel it is a choice of personal preference. I will use a comma whenever I feel like it.

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