Saturday, January 24, 2009

USURPED..not the title I configured--WALKING BEAR

So. I read about China and Shirley McClain. And I remember being 3 years old and the Chinese exchange students who stayed with us. Yes, I was only 3 years old. So, back to the point. Stuff. I have a lot of stuff and as I was packing and I found "walking bear"--a stuffed animal bear who is purple with extra long legs and my deceased mother gave this bear to Naomi. As I packed the various stuff. I thought what means the most to me? and her the life I have given meaning to? Who is she and what do I need to say? and the point is this...If this is the only writing that I have to give


First off?! I can not believe that my Meegie remembers shit from when she was three. Fucking. Amazing.

Meeg needs to pay attention--stay awake--enough to complete her opus. I can't stand quitters.


To give to my daughter. My Nay. Babe, this *is* my flesh. Passed down from mother....


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