Monday, August 18, 2008

I Went On Vacation And Took My...

apples, bananas, cats, dogs, friends, electronic devices, golf balls, horses, idealism, jelly beans, king snake, lover, money, naughty shirt, Oppenheimer fund, purse, quixotism--I don't remember the rest, except what I said for the letter Vv...I'll let your imagination run wild.

You have to find something to do while waiting in line for water slides. FUN!

Our pictures were taken with models and we had conversations with run-of-the-mill commoners. We had a spiritual, philosophical talk about reincarnation with a Baptist couple.

"Sometimes, you meet someone who says something that makes you want to research and question and find the truth for yourself."

Adam was asked to be a "wing man" and we got to call people "Ohio-ians" [sp].

He impressed us by riding down the enema slide without needing to visit the bathroom.

"I clenched", he said.

We played in the wave pool next to a H.C.

Thank goodness we finally found the hotel, after going back and forth on the same road, from gas station to party store, asking for directions.

GPS got us there!

We walked into the room, our eyebrows raised with a sigh of relief.


The hotel room was trendy and chic, a terrific price for such elegance and it came with free continental breakfast--bonus.

The decor was like a picture from an IKEA book.

The color scheme of browns and whites, harmonized with the coordination. The green ice bucket matched the soap dish that said--look at me--but gave the feeling you couldn't really use them.

The carpet design was a Hierographic maze.

On heavy, square, white plates--the hotel restaurant/bar served little, round,
$10 pizzas.

I won't say he bought two of them =-0

I should have taken a plate--what?--they never would've known (no points deducted for improper grammar ;0)

The bed was high off the ground with fluffy pillows and soft linens. The room had a large, flat screen TV that I viewed Edward Scissor Hands on--surrealism in the finest form.

As I picked up some loose change on the table, I told Mikey, "don't forget to tip the waitress."

"Yeah, you should tip the waitress but don't flirt with her", he replied.

He is 10 years old.

"Look I found the Bible. The. Holy. Bible."

I'm glad we spent a little more money and didn't stay in some Red Roof Inn that smelled like stinky feet or worst yet...stinky sex.

At the Columbus Zoo, I had the pleasure of viewing some of my favorite animals.

I watched seahorses swaying in the oxygen pumped into their aquarium, tails curled around sea grass and their emotionless, fairy tale faces looking back at me--through the looking-glass.

I believe they are highly evolved creatures--the males carry the babies.

On under-proportioned flippers, the manatees moved across the bottom of their pool, slowly floating up to the top for some oxygen. They're more active than the koala bears which sleep for 22 hours a day (even the small child knocking on the glass couldn't wake them up).

I drove 3 1/2 hours to see an animal that sleeps all day.

Good thing their cuteness makes up for their laziness--but seriously, a manatee has more oomph.

We descended the stairway of heaven into a cool and moist cavern. The guide pointed out the "Leather Lips" formation on the wall, a chief Native American, said to have perished there--along with an ox owned by some guy with the last name of Adams. His ox fell through a sink hole causing the mysterious hollow underground to be discovered.

The ground you walk upon becomes amazing once you've walked underneath it.

I told him a story, that I've kept locked-up inside myself for all these years.

In the mirrored 69" x 13" closet, my big toe nail scratched his perineum--but that's nothing compared to a dog bite!


JenBun said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip!!

I love the seahorses too... :)

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Great recollection, Meagan! =o)

I had a wonderful time, too. Especially the water park.

How can I top your blog entry? I'll have to try, though.


Melissa said...

I love the way you worded your post, Meagan. You guys worked a lot into a weekend! Great pictures and images (er, of the zoo and caves, not the perineum scratch - ack!) and I'm glad you all had a good time.

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