Saturday, November 10, 2007

OK.Umm.Thank You.

I wasn't intending to write a blog about this. Until, I read this. I love the part about the $50...LMAO! I can't try this myself. I'm going to have to drink some alcohol, before attempting the removal. Or maybe someone will do it for me, the removal of the splinter, that is.
Now, it's not hurting as bad, as when it first happened. Really, I should have skipped doing the laundry, thus the reason, for this mishap. And yeah, my sentence structures are a bit off ;-). Ok. So. I need to learn how to post a link. How about this.
How annoying.


The One and Only A said...


A fifth of Jack Daniels and a Bowie hunting knife and you'll be right as rain, on the plain, in Spain.


Melissa said...

I hate to think of a splinter under the nail - gives me the shivers! Liked the article, lol.

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